We have extensive knowledge and experience in folding and can handle virtually all of your folding needs. We offer a range of services that include but are not limited to:
• Folding 4pp – 32pp sections
• Crashfolding 
• Gate folding 
• Rollfolding 
• Concertina Folding 
• Other services that can be performed as part of the folding process are scoring, perforating and gluing



We offer Perfect Binding, Burst Binding and PUR Binding for all types of binding needs. 

We have 2 binders including the Acoro 7 and Acoro 5 with operating speeds up to 7,000 books per hour. 



We offer a versatile range of stitching services to suit most jobs and sizes with our fully automatic high speed Saddle-Stitching machines, capable of running the smallest and longest jobs. 
Our services include:

  • Saddle Stitching 
  • Loop Stitching (2 or 4 Loop) 
  • 2up, 3up, 4up capabilities 
  • 5 knife Trimming.
  • Crash folding 



Wiro binding is an excellent binding choice that creates lie-flat documents, open or closed. It is used in a variety of products, including Calendars, Books, School Diaries and "Tent Calendars".

We offer:
• Full Canadian 
• Half Canadian binding 
• Calendar hangers.

And of course, all Wire-O-Binding wires are available in different colours to match your product.



We also offer guillotining, drilling, section sewing, die cutting, gluing and much more.

Please contact us for any questions about any of the services we have to offer at